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For the past 35 years, Richard Grabow has been representing people who have suffered injury and disability. He has represented clients injured at work, in automobile accidents, and on defective premises. He has represented countless clients whose injuries have either temporarily or permanently prevented a return to work, including those who are compelled to apply for Social Security Disability. On of the focus areas of Richard's practice is representing the seriously injured worker who is applying for Disability, and coordinating the seamless transition from Workman's Compensation to Disabilty in a manner most advantageous to the client.

Practice Areas

Disability Law

Social Security disability is a program offering monthly payment and health insurance benefits for individuals who are not capable of work.

Workers Compensation Law

Have you been injured at Work? Are you unable to work and without income? Quality legal representation can make a significant difference in the aftermath of a work related injury or disease.

Personal Injury Law

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What Clients Say About Us

I hired attorney Grabow to handle my disability case. I had been unsuccessful on my own. He informed me that it wasn't a easy case to win. He was very diligent with working with me gathering all my pertinent information. Without him I would have never been granted my disability.


This is a long and hard road and I could not have done it without him. As long as you can be patient he will do anything and everything and he knows a lot! I was so skeptical at winning and here I am 2 years later about to receive my first check. Hire him! Hands down the best!


I used Attorney Richard Grabow as my Social Security Disability Attorney. It took almost 4 years of denials to Hearings and the State's medical experts denials to finally win my Social Security Disability. I will recommend Attorney Grabow too any friends or family members who suddenly become disabled and need help. Thanks Attorney Richard Grabow we finally won!