Disability Law

There are two types of benefits programs available under social security for medically disabled individuals, Social Security Disability Insurance, and SSI or supplemental security income. The medical rules that define disability are identical, but the earnings requirements are different. SSDI is only available to claimant's who have a significant work history.

Applying for disability is easy, winning a disability case is not. Attorney Grabow has handled thousands of disability claims, at all levels of the process, including hearings, federal court appeals to the District Court and Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit. Experience matters in the handling of disability claims. Attorney Grabow has the experience and knowledge to help win your claim.

There is no cost to hire a lawyer to represent your interests. If a claim is granted, any fees are paid directly by the Social Security Administration directly to your representative.

Choosing the right lawyer can be the difference between financial independence or dependence on friends or family or welfare benefits. The consequences of a denied application can be devastating. All claimant's should seek out and obtain a qualified representative.