Workers Compensation Law

Have you been injured at Work? Are you unable to work and without income? Quality legal representation can make a significant difference in the aftermath of a work related injury or disease.


Many injured workers believe that workers compensation insurance is in place to protect the interests of the injured worker.

While to a limited extent that may be true, the system is adversarial. The insurance companies do not render assistance or advice, and the injured worker has must assert his rights in a timely and appropriate manner to obtain benefits.

What do I do if I am injured? How do I file a claim?

In most cases, an injured worker must report an injury to his employer and file a First Injury Report. This, however, is not sufficient to formally file a claim of injury.

In order to protect and preserve a claim for traumatic injury, a Form 30-C must be filed with the Workers Compensation Office.

The filing of claim with the workers compensation office is only the start of the claim process. The injured worker may be entitled to receive benefits while out of work, but have a reputable physician state that the worker is unable to work is essential to a claim for benefits. Choosing a treating physician is perhaps the most significant aspect of a claim, in that the opinions and statements of the physician will effect entitlement to compensation and treatment. This decision, however, is only one of many that a injured worker is required to make.

What happens if i am out of work for a long time? Can I keep my job? Can i apply for other forms of Disability? Who is going to pay for medical care? What happens if i cannot return to my job due to restrictions in activity?

An injury at work can be a life changing experience. The right lawyer can make a difference.

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